He joined Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR, USA, in 1986. He has held several technical and senior management positions with the Micro-Processor Design Group, the Supercomputer Systems Group, and the Corporate Technology Research Group, Intel Corporation. He has participated and led development and delivery of number of leadership projects, including Intel 80960 embedded processor, Intel 80486DX2 processor, ASCI-Red Tera-FLOPS system, TCP/IP hardware accelerator, a single chip Tera-FLOPS research processor, and a single chip cloud computer. He is currently a member of the Platform Engineering Group, Hillsboro, and manages the Advanced Development Team for Visual and Parallel Processing Group and the Exascale Prototype Processor Design Teams. He holds ten patents, with nine patents pending in the areas of high performance circuits, low-power VLSI circuit design, on-die communication circuits, and special purpose hardware designs. He has authored or co-authored over 18 papers in the above areas.