Kevin Crowston is a Professor of Information Studies at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies (aka the iSchool). He received his A.B. (1984) in Applied Mathematics (Computer Science) from Harvard University and a Ph.D. (1991) in Information Technologies from the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research examines new ways of organizing made possible by the use of information technology. He approaches this issue in several ways: empirical studies of coordination-intensive processes in human organizations (especially virtual organization); theoretical characterizations of coordination problems and alternative methods for managing them; and design and empirical evaluation of systems to support people working together. For more information, please consult his vitae and now out-of-date Fall 2005 research statement (both in PDF). Specific domains of interest include free/libre open source software development projects and citizen science projects. He is currently a PI on two NSF sponsored program. The first is NSF OCI Grant 09–43049 for "VOSS: Theory and design of virtual organizations for citizen science" (see here for more details). The second is NSF CNS Grant 07-08437 for "Collaborative Research: CRI: CRD: Data and analysis archive for research on Free and Open Source Software and its development" (with Megan Conklin, Elon University). The second project supports work on the FLOSSmole data repository.