Dr. Ming Zhou, senior researcher, manager of Microsoft Research Asia Natural Language Computing Group. He is an expert in the areas of machine translation and natural language processing. He came to Microsoft in 1999 from his post as an associate professor of computer science at Tsinghua University. He designed the famous Chinese-Japanese machine translation software product J-Beijing in Japan which was granted Makoto Nagao Award, the highest rank of prize for machine translation products issued by Japan Machine Translation Association in 2008. He also designed the CEMT-I machine translation system in 1989, the first experiment of Chinese-English machine translation in Mainland China. He is the key inventor and technology leader of the famous AI gaming of Chinese Couplets Generation (http://duilian.msra.cn) and the English Assistance Search Engine, Engkoo (www.engkoo.com).

    Dr. Zhou received three Science & Technology Promotion awards from the Ministry of China Aerospace for his research in machine translation, and one software patent of China for his Chinese spelling checking system. Since 1986, he has led several projects in machine translation, Chinese spelling checking and Chinese syntactic parsing funded by the China Natural Science Foundation and the Ministry of China Aerospace. He has conducted several cooperative projects in English-Chinese machine-aided translation, Japanese-Chinese machine translation, Chinese spelling checking, Chinese text information retrieval and Korean-Chinese machine translation with universities and companies in America, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. He was in charge of the development of three commercial machine translation software products, including the DEAR translators workstation, the WinChar Chinese spelling checking system and the J-Beijing Chinese-Japanese machine translation system in China and Japan. He has served as a program committee member for several international conferences on natural language processing.