After graduating in September 2000, he stayed on as a teacher. In December 2002, he was named an associate professor. In December 2007, he was named a professor. In March 2009, he was named a doctoral tutor. He is currently the Executive Vice President of the Software College of Zhejiang University, the Deputy Director of the Computer Software Research Institute, the Deputy Director of the China Disabled Persons Information and Accessibility Technology Research Center, the Deputy Director of the Alibaba-Zhejiang University Joint Research Institute of Frontier Technologies and the Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Service Robots. In 2009, the Ministry of Education selected the “New Century Excellent Talents Support Program” and the first-level training staff of the “New Century 151 Talent Project” in Zhejiang Province in 2012. Executive Director of the Chinese Computer Society (CCF), Chairman of the CCF YOCSEF (2013-2014). Member of the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC28/SC35) (responsible for the formulation and promotion of national standards in the field of information accessibility).