• Israel-2014

    For contributions to artificial intelligence, including multi-agent systems, human-agent interaction and non-monotonic reasoning.

Sarit Kraus is a Professor of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University. Her research is focused on intelligent agents and multi-agent systems (including people and robots).
Kraus was awarded the IJCAI Computers and Thought Award, ACM SIGART Agents Research award, the EMET prize and was twice the winner of the IFAAMAS influential paper award. She is AAAI, ECCAI and ACM fellow and a recipient of the advanced ERC grant.
My main research interest in Artificial Intelligence and in particular Multi-agent systems. I focus on understanding how we can best create intelligent agents that can interact proficiently with people. We study both cooperative and conflicting scenarios. I consider modeling human behavior and predicting their decisions to be necessary for facing these challenges, as well as the development of formal models for the agent’s decision-making. Thus, my research studies build on methods and algorithms from Machine Learning, Decision Theory and Game Theory, non-classical logic, optimization under uncertainty and psychology.
My application domains have included physical security, intelligent cars, human training, recommendation systems, automated negotiations and mediation, virtual humans and rehabilitation.