My research interests are predominantly in stroke rehabilitation and recovery. I've worked with neuroscientists to understand the recovery of arm and hand movement after stroke and also to investigate visual search and navigation behaviour in patients with unilateral spatial inattention. In recent years I've turned my attention to body perception and comfort after stroke. I am part of the PROactive partnership of researchers and Clinicians at UWE and Royal united Hospitals Bath who are focussed on developing therapeutic approaches to improve treatment, rehabilitation and service delivery for the benefit of those with chronic pain and/or sensory motor impairments.

I'm currently working with Professor Audrey Bowen and her team at the University of Manchester on an NIHR funded project called SPATIAL. SPATIAL is a feasibility trial of prism adaptation training as a primer for stroke patients with unilateral neglect to engage in Occupational Therapy. I am intervention lead for the project.

I've an interest in the development of technology for rehabilitation and assisted living. I was a co-applicant for an EPSRC funded project to develop soft robotic trousers to help people walk, get up from a chair and go up and down stairs. The project was led by the University of Bristol with University of the West of England, University of Nottingham, University of Leeds, University of Strathclyde, University of Southampton, Loughborough University. My role was to help to determine the needs and wants of service users for the smart trousers. This first project ended in Dec 2018. Since then University of Bristol and UWE have gained follow-on funding to develop the most ready technologies in soft robotics into devices to assist rehabilitation of functional mobility. The new project FREEHAB starts in October 2019.