Abhimanyu Das is a Senior Research Scientist at Google. His research interests span topics in machine learning, data-mining and theoretical computer science. Prior to Google, he was a Researcher at Microsoft Research (where he worked on data-mining for large-scale social analytics) and a Scientist at Yahoo! Labs (focusing on behavioral targeting algorithms for online advertising). He obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southern California under the supervision of David Kempe, and a B. Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi. His PhD research focused on algorithms for subset selection and sparse approximation. Prior to his PhD, he also spent 10 years in the industry (as a software architect at Cortina Systems and as a software engineer at Mahi Networks), where he worked on software stacks for networking and embedded systems. Abhimanyu received the Best Paper Award at the ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM) 2014 conference, the Distinguished Paper Award at the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2011, and the Best Paper Award at IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia Networks and Services (MMNS) 2002.