I am Assistant Professor with the Web Information Systems group, at the Delft University of Technology. I am faculty fellow with the IBM Benelux Center of Advanced Studies. My research lies at the intersection of crowdsourcing, user modeling, and web information retrieval. I study and build novel Social Data science methods and tools. My goal is to help improving well-being and fostering inclusion by means of Web-based, personalized social computing systems that combine the cognitive and reasoning abilities of individuals and crowds, with the computational powers of machines, and the value of big amounts of heterogeneous data. My work finds natural applications and valorization in a variety of contexts. I am currently active in three investigation lines related to Social Data Science: Intelligent Cities (SocialGlass, AMS Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions); Knowledge Creation in Online Social Communities (SEALINCMedia COMMIT/, StackOverflow); and the Inclusive Enterprise (with IBM Benelux CAS)