I am assistant professor at the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics and the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and direct the Computational Optics Group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For details on my research, please follow the link to my research group. Up to date contact information is on the departmental websites at BMI and ECE.
I perform multidisciplinary research in applied computational optics and imaging. Optical imaging traditionally has been focused on producing and processing human interpretable images. This approach is becoming impractical on the collection side, where virtually infinite amounts of optical data can be collected, and on the processing side, where computers rather than humans are used to interpret images. My research focuses on developing new ultrafast computational optics and imaging methods that, by co-designing collection hardware and processing software, extend human and machine vision both quantitatively - improving image parameters soch as resolution - and qualitatively - developing new kinds of capabilities that are beyond what even the best possible traditional image could deliver. I am developing ultrafast computational cameras that can see around corners, through scattering media, and can detect cancerous tissue and evaluate plant health by detecting fluorescence lifetime.