AnHai Doan is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He obtained a BS from Kossuth Lajos University in Debrecen, Hungary, a MS from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and a PhD from the University of Washington, Seattle, all in Computer Science. His interests cover databases, AI, and Web, with a current focus on data integration, data/schema/ontology matching, information extraction, text management, building knowledge bases, and crowdsourcing. He received the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award in 2003, a CAREER Award in 2004, and a Sloan Fellowship in 2007. He co-authored ``Principles of Data Integration'', a textbook published by Morgan-Kaufmann in 2012. AnHai has also consulted extensively and been involved in several startups. He was on the Advisory Board of Transformic, a Deep Web startup acquired by Google in 2005, and was Chief Scientist of Kosmix, a social media startup acquired by Walmart in 2011. From 2011 to 2014 he was Chief Scientist of WalmartLabs, a newly formed research and development lab at Walmart, devoted to analyzing and integrating data for e-commerce.