PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Senior Research Scientist at Akamai Technologies. Research Affiliate in the Advanced Network Architecture Group at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Staff Consultant System Architecture at Optodot Corporation. RESEARCH INTERESTS Content delivery and application acceleration over the Internet. Routing overlays. Request-routing in content delivery networks. Measurement and performance in the Internet. Internet architecture. Design and performance of distributed systems. Quality of service in the Internet. Traffic engineering. Congestion controls. Stochastic models. EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE Nov ’99 – to date Akamai Technologies, Senior Research Scientist. Investigating the performance and improving the design of a new service that provides application acceleration and is based on a robust, global, routing overlay. Investigated and improved the routing of requests from web browsers to appropriate Akamai servers, where key criteria are the latency of file transfers for html content, and the bandwidth and loss for streaming media, which in turn depend on geography, Internet topology, server availability and transient traffic conditions. Sept. ’01 – to date MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Research Affiliate. Advise graduate students and collaborate in research in areas of internet routing, internet architecture, overlay networks, traffic modeling, data analysis. Jan '01 – to date Optodot Corporation, Staff Consultant System Architecture. Designing optical components that exploit recently discovered properties of organic non-polymeric free radical compounds. Writing patents. Advising the CEO on strategic and tactical business directions for the company. Sept. ’98 – Sept. ’00 MIT Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, Visiting Scientist. In Spring of ’99, taught the graduate course 6.262 Discrete Stochastic Processes. Advised graduate students. June ’98 – Nov. ’99 Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs. Distinguished Member of Technical Staff PacketStar IP Switch Software & Systems Dept., and High Speed Networks Research Dept .