Benjamin Grosof is co-founder and co-lead of Coherent Knowledge Systems, a new startup on semantic technology that is commercializing a major research breakthrough in logic-based artificial intelligence. He also is president of Benjamin Grosof & Associates, an expert consulting business on software technology and related strategy. Previously he was a senior research program manager at Vulcan Inc. (2007-2013), the asset management company of Paul G. Allen (co-founder of Microsoft). There he conceived and led a large research program in the area of rule-based semantic technologies and artificial intelligence (AI). Before Vulcan, he was an IT professor at MIT Sloan (2000-2007) and a senior software scientist at IBM Research (1988-2000). He has pioneered semantic technology and industry standards for: rules; the combination of rules with ontologies; the application of rules in e-commerce, e-contracts, and policies; and the acquisition of rules and ontologies from natural language (NL). He co-founded the influential RuleML industry standards design effort and prototyped it in SweetRules, the main bases for the W3C Rule Interchange Format (RIF) standard. He led the invention of several fundamental technical advances in knowledge representation, including courteous defeasibility, restraint bounded rationality, and the rule-based technique which rapidly became the currently dominant approach to commercial implementation of W3C OWL (Web Ontology Language) and the main basis of its RL (Rules Profile) standard. He also has extensive experience in machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, and user interaction design. His background includes four major industry software releases, two years in software startups, a Stanford PhD, a Harvard BA, and over 50 refereed publications.