I am a Research Scientist at Apple AI/ML. I am also an affiliate associate professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. My research combines deep learning, computer graphics, and computer vision to create usable systems that allow people to better capture, understand, edit, and visualize the world.
I collaborate with the University of Washington Graphics and Imaging Laboratory, Reality Lab, and Facial Expression Research Group where we combine artistic insight and deep learning techniques to better understand facial expressions and create amazing tools for artists.
Previously, I was a Research Scientist at Zillow where I helped create the state of the art in home interior capture and visualization. As a researcher at Amazon, I focused on 3D object creation from photos. My Ph.D. work focused on interactive image-based modeling systems for architectural structures. I spent 10 years at Microsoft Research working on a variety of projects ranging from creating a platform for building virtual worlds to implementing microphone arrays.