My research spans computer graphics, computer vision, and human-computer interaction.

I lead an R&D team at Google in Seattle working on the future of communication, developing platforms and technologies for high-fidelity real-time 3D acquisition, reconstruction and rendering of humans. I am also an affiliate associate professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, where I also received my PhD in June 2007. After completing my thesis, developing interfaces for browsing, dynamic annotation, and visualization of video, I joined Adobe's Creative Technologies Lab, where I created techniques for inpainting and reshuffling image contents. These became the Content-Aware Fill family of features in Adobe Photoshop. I joined Google in late 2015.

I am also a veteran of the visual effects industry: I spent the first 12 years of my career working at ILM, and I am a proud member of the Visual Effects Society.

Thanks to my unique combination of careers, my Erdős-Bacon number is at most 6. If you are either a) a co-author of Paul Erdős looking for a research collaborator, or b) Kevin Bacon's agent looking for a co-star: please contact me immediately. (Proof: B = 2 via Rose Byrne appearing in both Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and X-Men: First Class; E = 4, various paths, but most reliably via David Salesin, Leo Guibas, and Richard Pollack.) My academic genealogy includes Donald Knuth, David Hilbert, and Sophus Lie.

These videos discuss some of my past research projects in layman's terms!