Dave Ferguson is the Co-founder and President of Nuro, a technology company focused on accelerating the benefits of robotics for everyday life. Nuro has developed and deployed a new type of unmanned self-driving vehicle, the R1, custom-built to transport goods.

Dave has worked on robotics and machine learning for nearly 20 years. Before founding Nuro, Dave was a principal engineer on Google’s self-driving program, now known as Waymo, serving as the machine learning and computer vision team lead. He also led the planning group for Carnegie Mellon University’s team that won the DARPA Urban Grand Challenge in 2007. One of his algorithms is used for long range autonomy on NASA’s Mars Rovers. He also previously conducted robotics research at Intel and developed machine learning trading strategies at Two Sigma, an investment firm.

Dave holds an MS and PhD in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Otago. Dave has been awarded over 100 patents.