David is a Lecturer of Computer Science within the ECS Learning Societies Lab and is also associated with the Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia (IAM) group. He co-runs the IAM/LSL Training Fest and is also a Computer Science Admissions Tutor for the School. The thread running through his research is one of contextual information systems. The challenges lie in the information models, structures, semantics and knowledge representations within a system, and the ways in which they are reasoned about and used. The contextual information itself can be in respect to a person (such as Adaptive Hypertext, Pervasive of Mobile systems, e-Learning, and Narrative systems) or to a machine (such as on the Semantic Web and via contextual services on the Semantic Grid). He is also interested in Knowledge Interfaces, and how we capture knowledge naturally using techniques from Web 2.0 such as Tagging, Annotation and Semantic Wiki Authoring.