David has worked widely in the fields of 1 and 2-D signal processing. He has won two IEE Premium awards for this work and has published numerous patents, several of which have been licensed and exploited commercially. His current activities are focused on the problems of image and video communications and analysis for wireless, internet, surveillance, consumer and broadcast applications. In particular he has worked on content-based video coding, error resilient source coding, linear and non-linear filterbanks, motion estimation, image and video fusion, architectural optimisation (for filters, transforms and wavelet filterbanks) and content description for video archiving. He is widely supported in these areas by both industry,Europe, MoD and EPSRC and has generated over £12M of research income in the past 10 years. He has contributed to several European Union projects including PROVISION, WINHOME, TRUST, SCOUT, MEDIANET, WCAM, ASTALS and PROVISION. He has published over 450 papers, various articles and 3 books and has also given numerous invited/keynote lectures and tutorials. His most recent book 'Communicating Pictures' was published by Academic Press in 2014.