I am a Professor of Statistical Learning in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Lancaster University. I research statistical learning, decision-making, and game theory. My research on bandit algorithms is used by many of the world's largest companies to balance exploration and exploitation in real time website optimisation. I collaborate with several companies, including Prowler.io and BT (the latter through the NG-CDI project, funded by an EPSRC Prosperity Partnership). I also lead the EPSRC/NERC-funded Data Science of the Natural Environment (DSNE) project at Lancaster University. Prior to my position at Lancaster, I was a senior lecturer in the statistics group of the School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, where I was co-director of the EPSRC-funded cross-disciplinary decision-making research group at the University of Bristol. I was also a partner in the ALADDIN project, a large strategic partnership between BAE Systems and EPSRC, and involving researchers from Imperial College, Southampton, Oxford, Bristol and BAE Systems.