Delip Rao is the founder of Joostware, a San Francisco based company. Joostware specializes in consulting and creating intellectual property involving machine learning, search, and natural language processing. Delip is an accomplished machine learning professional who specializes in scalable approaches for large-scale datasets dealing with real-world situations. He has worked on NLP and ML research problems involving semi-supervised learning, graph based ranking, sequence learning, distributed machine learning, and more, and has published several highly-cited papers in these areas. At Joostware, Delip works 1-1 with his clients (early-mid stage startups) to help them set up their big data infrastructure, identify, and create IP in machine learning, search, and natural language processing based solutions, and training on machine learning. Prior to founding Joostware, Delip worked as a Research Scientist at Amazon focusing on machine learning and natural language understanding, at Glassdoor as a Lead Software Engineer, working on search quality, and as a Search & Relevance Engineer at Twitter, where he worked on a variety of problems including anomaly detection, spam, content discovery, user modeling, and engagement prediction. Specialties: natural language processing, computational linguistics, machine learning