Edward Chang currently serves as the President of Research and Healthcare at HTC. Besides having developed and launched competitive camera features (e.g., 360-degree Panoramas, Duo Lens with 3D effects, and Cloud Gallery with content-based image retrieval) for flagship phones, Ed's most notable project is the Tricorder project, which he co-leads (with Prof. CK Peng at Harvard) a team of physicians, scientists, and engineers to design and develop mobile wireless diagnostic instruments that can help consumers make their own reliable health diagnoses anywhere at anytime. The project entered the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition in 2013 with 254 other entrants and was selected as one of the seven finalists in August 2014 to advance to the final round (grand prizes to be announced in January 2017).

Prior to his HTC post, Ed was a director of Google Research for 6.5 years, leading research and development in several areas including big data mining, indoor localization, social networking and search integration, and Web search (spam fighting). His contributions in parallel machine learning algorithms and big-data mining are recognized through several keynote invitations (see Stanford MMDS/ACM CIKM/ACM CIVR/ACM MM/AAIM/ADMA keynote deck and tutorial deck for details), and the developed open-source codes (PSVM, PLDA+, Parallel Spectral Clustering, and Parallel Frequent Pattern Mining) have been collectively downloaded over 10,000 times.