Research Interests Image representation and analysis, mathematical models of biological visual processing, machine vision. Education 1993 Mass. Inst. of Technology Ph.D. Elec. Eng. & Comp. Sci. 1988 Mass. Inst. of Technology M.S. Elec. Eng. & Comp. Sci. 1986 King's College, Cambridge U. Cert. Adv. Study Mathematics Tripos, Parts II/III 1984 Harvard University B.A. Summa Cum Laude Physics Employment 9/07 - present Professor (Associate Professor, 9/99-8/07; Assistant Professor, 9/96-8/99), Departments of Neural Science, Mathematics, and Psychology, New York University. 8/00 - Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute. 1/93 - 6/00 Assistant Professor (adjunct, 9/96 - 6/00), Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania. Member of the General Robotics and Active Sensory Perception (GRASP) Laboratory. 1/87-1/93 Research Assistant, Vision Science Group (now called the Vision and Modeling Group) , MIT Media Laboratory. Advisor: Edward Adelson. Thesis committee: Alan Willsky, Berthold Horn, Alex Pentland. summers, 90,91 Research Contractor, NASA-Ames Research Center, Human Factors Division, Vision Group. Research on motion perception with David Heeger and Andrew Watson. 1/89-9/89 Software Contractor, Fidelity Investments, Inc. Design and implemention of software system for securities analysis. summer, 86 Research Consultant, RCA David Sarnoff Research Center. Research on multi-scale image representation and coding with Edward Adelson, Peter Burt, and Jim Bergen. 1/85-9/85 Research Consultant, AT&T Bell Laboratories. Research on applications of neural networks to the Traveling Salesman Problem and simulation of behavioral characteristics of Limax Maximus (common garden slug), with Alan Gelperin, John Hopfield and David Tank. 9/82-6/84 Research Assistant, Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard University. Research on fluid dynamics of water droplet splash patterns, with Thomas McMahon.