Elisa Quintarelli graduated in Computer Science "Cum Laude'' in 1998, at the University of Verona (Italy). In the period between September 1998 and August 1999, she worked as a researcher at ITC-irst (Istituto Trentino di Cultura, Centro per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica) in Trento, Italy, in the Cognitive and Communication Technologies Division. In the period between June 2000 and July 2000, she was a visiting PhD student at LIX (Laboratoire d'Informatique), Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. On January 2002 Elisa completed the Ph.D. program in Computer and Automation Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. She is today an associate professor (since January 2015) at D ipartimento di Elettronica, Infomazione e Bioingegneria of Politecnico di Milano. Main research interests are related to the database field, with an emphasis on the study of efficient and flexible techniques for specifying and efficiently querying semistructured data. The main current research topics are related to data-mining techniques to provide intentional query answering and small databases for mobile devices. Elisa Quintarelli is author of the book ''Model-Checking Based Data Retrieval: an application to semistructured and temporal data'', published by Springer Verlag. She is part of the Program Committee of international conferences, and reviewer for international journals on databases.