Gang Li, IEEE senior member, received his PhD in computer science in 2005. He joined the School of Information Technology at Deakin University (Australia) as an associate lecturer in 2004, and then lecturer (2007-2011), and currently a Senior Lecturer (2012-). His research interests are in the area of data mining, machine learning and business intelligence. He serves on the IEEE Data Mining and Big Data Analytics Technical Committee, and IEEE Enterprise Information Systems Technical Committee, and serves as vice-chair for IEEE Task force on Educational Data Mining. He acts as an associate editor for IEEE Access (IEEE), Decision Support Systems (Elsevier) and Interlending & Document Supply (Emerald), and has been the guest editor for the Chinese Journal of Computer, Journal of Networks, Future Generation Computer Systems (Elsevier), Concurrency and Computation: Practise and Experience (Wiley) and Enterprise Information Systems (Taylor&Francis). He has co-authored five papers that won best paper prizes, including Journal Paper of the Year (2015, 3rd award) from IFITT, the PAKDD2014 best student paper award, ACM/IEEE ASONAM2012 best paper award, the 2007 Nightingale Prize by Springer journal Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing. He has also conducted research projects on tourism and hospitality management. He served on the Program Committee for over 120 international conferences in artificial intelligence, data mining and machine learning, tourism and hospitality management, and is a regular reviewer for International Journals in the areas of data science, privacy protection, recommendation system, and business intelligence.