He undertook research on knowledge-based systems at the Mathematics Institute of Moldavian Academy of Sciences (Kishinev, Moldova), then at the Institute on Mathematical Problems of Biology of Russian Academy of Science (Pushchino Research Center, Russia). Since 1997 Dr. Andrienko has a research position at GMD, now Fraunhofer Institute for intelligent Analysis- and Information Systems (IAIS). Since 2013 Dr. Andrienko is professor (part-time) at City University London, School of Informatics.

He is a co-author of the monographs "Exploratory Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Data" (published in December 2005 in Springer) and "Visual Analytics of Movement" (Springer, 2013), 60+ peer-reviewed journal papers, 20+ book chapters, and 100+ papers in conference proceedings. He received best paper awards at prestigious conferences such as IEEE VAST and AGILE.

Dr. G.Andrienko has been involved in numerous international research projects. His research interests include geovisualization, information visualization with a focus on spatial and temporal data, visual analytics, interactive knowledge discovery and data mining, spatial decision support and optimization.