I'm an associate research professor in the Machine Learning Department (which used to be the Center for Automated Learning and Discovery) at Carnegie Mellon. I am also affiliated with the Robotics Institute. I'm interested in multi-agent planning, reinforcement learning, decision-theoretic planning, statistical models of difficult data (e.g. maps, video, text), computational learning theory, and game theory. Here is the page for the SELECT Lab, which Carlos Guestrin and I run together (as well as its mailing list).

I spent AY 2003-4 as a visiting professor at the Stanford Robotics Lab. Before joining CMU I used to work for Burning Glass Technologies, a company that provided intelligent searching and matching software for resumes and job postings. The company was headquartered in San Diego, but I worked at their Pittsburgh office.

Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the AUTON lab in the Robotics Institute. Before that, I was a Computer Science PhD student, with advisor Tom Mitchell.