• Australia-2014

    For contributions demonstrating that provably correct operating systems are feasible and suitable for real-world use.

  • Australia-2009

My primary occupation is to lead the Software Systems Research Group (SSRG) at NICTA in its endeavour to make software systems more dependable. I am particularly involved in the Trustworthy Systems team, which works on making critical systems truly trustworthy. I also teach Advanced Operating Systems to a group of excellent students with a tendency to masochism. The course has, over the years, produced many Heroes of Operating Systems and has been copied at a number of universities. It also has its own prize for the best-performing student, the Advanced Operating Systems Alumni Prize. In 2006 I founded Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) for commercialising L4 microkernel technology. I served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from 2006–2010 and as a Director from 2006 until OK's acquisition by General Dynamics in August 2012.