EDUCATION  1985 B.Sc. Physics (cum laude) Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.  1991 Ph.D. High energy Physics (direct Ph.D. program for outstanding B.Sc. graduates) Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel. Title of Doctoral dissertation: Calculation of glueball masses on the Lattice.  1993 Diplome, School of Education ,Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel. (two year program for science education). ACADEMIC POSITIONS  1987-1991: Teaching Assistant, Physics, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.  1991-1993: Investigator, Nuclear Physics dept., Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.  1995-1999: Lecturer, The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo, Tel Aviv, Israel.  1999-2005 Senior Lecturer, The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo, Tel Aviv, Israel.  2006- Associate Professor, The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo, Tel Aviv, Israel.  2006- Head of Artificial Intelligence program, The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo, Tel Aviv, Israel.  2007-2008 Visiting Academic, NICTA, Canberra, Australia.  2009–2010 Head of excellence program of The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo, Tel Aviv, Israel. INDUSTRIAL EXPERIENCE  1995-1996 Manager of “Science and Art, Ltd.”. Managing the logistics and personnel of the company as well as supervising the scientific syllabus and educational program. At 1996 I negotiated with competing companies and sold the company’s equipment, program and activity.  2000-2001 Senior algorithm team member at “Zapper Technologies, Ltd”. I lead efforts related to document categorization and news filtering for commercial applications.  2002-2003 Head of Algorithms team at “Rosetta Genomics, Ltd”. I designed and supervised the implementation of an end-to-end system for identifying novel genes belonging to the MiRNA family, 11/10/13 based on state of the art Machine Learning methods. Based on this system, several hundred MiRNAs where predicted, validated in the laboratory and patented.  2004 Advisor to “Biological Signal Processing, Ltd”. I supervised the algorithm team in producing an automatic tool for diagnosis of ischemic heart diseases from high frequency components of the QRS complex. The technology has been recently approved by the FDA.  2005-2007 Chief Scientist of “Massive Impact, Ltd”. I lead the algorithms team in using inference methods, specifically supervised classification, feature selection/extraction and model selection in the area of application promotion for the cellular market. I further used sophisticated statistical models to model user behavior and promotion characteristics for risk management and for optimization of revenues. I invented and implemented Bayesian methods for sampling, aimed at robust estimation while minimizing sample size. The technology is currently being used in several markets, totaling in more than 150 million users.  2010- 2013 Senior researcher at Yahoo! research labs, Haifa. I am involved in several research projects related to large recommender systems and to social aspects of community question answering services. CURRENT RESEARCH INTERESTS  Machine learning problems in bioinformatics, activity recognition, marketing, medicine, and computer vision.  Techniques of feature selection and model selection for classification problems.  Statistical methods in Natural Language Processing: text categorization and clustering.  Applications of artificial neural networks to data analysis and triggering in high energy physics experiments.  Machine learning techniques for attacking physical unclonable functions (PUF).  Theory of artificial neural networks.  Large scale recommender systems.  Community question answering on the web. TEACHING EXPERIENCE  1987-1991: Optics and waves, modern physics, introductory mathematics for physicists, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.  1990-1996: Modern physics, astrophysics and medical physics for high school gifted students, School of Education, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.  1992-1997: “Science and Art”: Development of an extensive 3 year course in science and technology for elementary school gifted programs. (including demonstrations, hands on activities etc.)  1996-1997: Fundamentals of rocketry”: Development and testing of a course about rockets for middle and high school programs for gifted students. The course is taught in about ten centers for gifted children since 1997. 11/10/13  1995 - : Machine learning, database management systems, neural networks, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, astronomy and astrophysics, Calculus and other mathematical courses, workshop for software development. The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel and Tel Aviv University, Israel. SUPERVISING GRADUATE STUDENTS  Gabi Sheiner M.Sc. Automatic Generation of Class Hierarchies for Document Categorization (completed 03/05)  Yael Eisenthal M.Sc. Computational Learning of Facial Attractiveness (completed 06/04)  Shay Cohen M.Sc. A Feature Selection Method Using Shapley Values (completed 06/04)  Amit Kagian M.Sc. A Machine Learning Predictor of Facial Attractiveness Revealing Humanlike Psychophysical Biases (completed 10/06)  Michael Gutkin M.Sc. Feature Selection Methods for Classification of Gene Expression Profiles (completed 05/08).  Ishai Barlev M.Sc. Regularizing TAN networks (completed 09/09).  Ori Raz M.Sc. Sampling Graphlet Kernels (completed 11/09).  Ofer Lavi M.Sc. Prior Knowledge Integration of Gene Networks data into Gene Expression Analysis . (completed 10/10).  Dani Wolbe M.Sc. Segmentation and prediction of swimming sessions using SMM (completed 06/10).  Alona Sukachev M.Sc. Online analysis of MiRNA from deep sequencing data (completed 11/10).  Roy Dalal M.Sc. Word similarity using tagged corpus (completed 3/11).  Noga Knaz M.Sc. Active learning methodologies for tree ensembles (completed 9/11).  Guy Halawi M.Sc. Supervised learning of word similarity. (completed 6/12)  Liran Pesah M.Sc. Question retrieval in community question answering environments. (completed 7/12)