Prof. Winston Hsu (徐宏民) is an active researcher dedicated to large-scale image/video retrieval/mining, visual recognition, and machine intelligence. He is keen to realizing advanced researches towards business deliverables via academia-industry collaborations. He is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University. He founded MiRA (Multimedia indexing, Retrieval, and Analysis) research group and co-leads Communication and Multimedia Lab (CMLab). He and his team have been recognized with technical awards in multimedia and computer vision research communities. Working closely with the industry, he was a Visiting Scientist at Microsoft Research Redmond (2014) and had his 1-year sabbatical leave (2016-2017) at IBM TJ Watson Research Center, New York, to enhance Watson’s visual cognition, where he contributed the first AI produced movie trailer. He is the Founding Director for NVIDIA AI Lab (NTU), the 1st in Asia. Having investigated deep neural networks for numerous image/video challenges, recently, he is also helping companies set up the AI/deep learning teams for advanced products. He received Ph.D. (2007) from Columbia University, New York, under the supervision of Prof. Shih-Fu Chang. Before that, he was a founding engineer and research manager in CyberLink Corp, now a public image/video software company. He serves as the Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT) and IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, two premier journals, and was in the Editorial Board for IEEE Multimedia Magazine (2010 – 2017). He is also a columnist for Digitimes for the machine learning aspect.