Since 1986 he has been with the National Taiwan University, where he is currently a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Graduate Institute of Industrial Engineering. He was the Vice Chairperson of the Mechanical Engineering Department from August 1992 to July 1993, Director of Semiconductor Industry Teaching Resource Center from January 2001 to December 2001, Director of CIM Education Center, Taiwan IBM and Tjing Ling Industrial Research Institute from August 1989 to July 1996, the Director of Manufacturing Automation Technology Research Center from August 1996 to July 1999. He has served as the Associate Dean of College of Engineering, National Taiwan University since August 2000. His research interests include machine intelligence, network-based manufacturing systems, intelligent robotic systems, prosthetic hands, nano manipulation and nonlinear systems. Dr. Huang holds several patents on dexterous hands, real-time communication control and semiconductor manufacturing.