Dr Leung joined Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1994 and is now the Director of the Lab for Software Development and Management. He previously held team leader positions at BNR, Nortel, and GeneralSoft Ltd. Dr Leung is a Fellow of Hong Kong Computer Society, Chairperson of its Quality Management Division (QMSID) and ex-Chairperson of Hong Kong Software Process Improvement Network (HKSPIN). He is also an accomplished industry consultant, giving advice on software testing, quality assurance, process and quality improvement, system development, and providing expert witness and litigation support. His clients include large and medium-sized organizations and government departments throughout Hong Kong and China, such as Department of Justice, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Housing Authority, HIT, Intellectual Property Department, MPFA, MTR, Office of Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), Social Welfare Department, VTech, Hong Kong Productivity Council, HP, Ocean Park, Huawei Technologies, AIA Shanghai, and Chinese Academy of Science. Dr Leung’s research interests include process and quality improvement, software analysis and metrics, defect prediction, software testing, project management and risk management. He serves on the Editorial Board of Software Quality Journal, International Journal of Engineering and Industries, Software Engineering: An International Journal, and International Journal of Software Engineering, Technology and Application. He is also a member of Standard Committee of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 on Software and Systems Engineering. Dr Leung received his BSc in Physics and Astronomy from University of British Columbia in 1980, MSc in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University in 1984, and PhD in Computer Science from University of Alberta in 1992.