Mark Harman is Professor of Software Engineering and director of CREST (the Centre of Research on Evolution Search and Testing) within the Department of Computer Science, University College London. Mark’s expertise is in source code analysis, in particular program slicing and transformation for software improvement. He is also widely known for work on software testing and, more recently, he was instrumental in founding the field of Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE). SBSE seeks to use automated search-based optimization algorithms to improve software products, processes and related engineering artefacts. The SBSE approach has been applied throughout the lifecycle from initial requirements gathering and planning through to maintenance and re-engineering by a rapidly growing international community working on SBSE. CREST is in the forefront of this international SBSE research effort. Mark's work is funded by the EPSRC, EU and Industry with current grants worth over £5M. He has authored over 150 technical publications, including publications in the leading international journals (for example, TSE, TOSEM, TOPLAS, TCS).