She was with NXP, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Philips Research, and Microsoft, Washington, USA. She was with the Holst Centre/imec, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 2008, where she is currently a Senior Director for Perceptive Systems for the Intuitive Internet of Things. These heterogeneous connected systems use their own sensors as well as information from the cloud to build a view of the world surrounding them and in such a way realize a natural and intuitive experience for the end-user. Her team is internationally recognized for their work in the field of large-scale sensor networks for IoT, high-speed 5G networks, and low power and low cost sensors. Imec contributes to the Internet of Things revolution by developing innovative algorithms, network, radio, dsp and sensor solutions for person-centric IoT, smart cities and buildings, and automotive applications, realizing that the traditional borders between these applications domains are quickly fading. Together with a wide range of industrial and academic partners, this Research and Development Program addresses the challenges of limited autonomy, functionality, interoperability, ease of use, data fusion, and security to enable a wide range of new applications and a truly intuitive user experience. She has co-authored over 80 publications including a book on embedded system design