He is an associate professor in computer science with Lehigh University. His research focuses on the Semantic Web, including web data integration, reasoning, and scalable exploration of linked data.

The Semantic Web and Agent Technologies (SWAT) Lab
The Semantic Web is a vision for extending the Web so that machines can more intelligently integrate and process the wealth of information that is available. Unlike HTML and ordinary XML, Semantic Web languages such as SHOE, DAML+OIL, and OWL (a W3C Recommendation), allow semantics (i.e., meaning) to be explicitly associated with the content. The semantics are formally specified in ontologies, which can be shared via the Internet and extended for local needs. The SWAT lab is at the forefront of Semantic Web research by studying issues such as interoperability of distributed ontologies, ontology evolution, and system architectures and tools for the Semantic Web. See the group's homepage for details.