My focus is in information retrieval research. My current interests are user modeling, personalization, and privacy within search. Several of my projects have involved user studies and writing browser extensions (Firefox and Chrome) as well as server-side systems (PHP and Java web apps with database support). I perform most of my query log mining tasks in TupleFlow, a MapReduce-like framework that comes bundled with the Galago research retrieval system. 擅长领域:Search logging, query log mining, TupleFlow (a MapReduce-like framework), prototype systems, browser extensions Education University of Massachusetts, Amherst Computer Science, PhD 2007 – 2013 University of Massachusetts, Amherst University of Massachusetts, Amherst Computer Science, MS 2007 – 2009 Loyola College in Maryland Loyola College in Maryland Computer Science, BS 2003 – 2007 Experience Assistant Professor of Computer Science Endicott College 2013 年 8 月 – 至今 (2 年 9 个月)Beverly, MA Graduate Research Assistant University of Massachusetts Amherst 2007 年 9 月 – 2013 年 7 月 (5 年 11 个月)Amherst, MA Some of the projects I have been involved with include passage retrieval, medical query log mining, large scale data mining with TupleFlow, frustration detection in web search, privacy in web search, search task segmentation, and book retrieval. Research Intern Microsoft Research 2012 – 2012 (不到 1 年) Intern Yahoo! 2009 年 10 月 – 2011 年 9 月 (2 年)Cambridge, MA USA Explored models for detecting searcher frustration in Yahoo! search logs; designed and executed a study on Amazon Mechanical Turk of search assistance tools for difficult search tasks and frustrated searchers Lab Instructor Mount Holyoke College 2010 年 9 月 – 2011 年 5 月 (9 个月)South Hadley, MA Taught the lab sections of the two introductory majors-level computer science courses (CS101 and CS201) for the Fall and Spring semesters. Responsibilities included grading class assignments and labs, conducting labs, and occasional lecturing. The courses focused on learning to program in ActionScript and Java. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow NIST 2007 年 5 月 – 2007 年 8 月 (4 个月)Gaithersburg, MD Analyzed the performance of a minimal test collection system over previous Text REtrieval Conference (TREC) results. Undergraduate Research Assistant Loyola College in Maryland 2004 年 5 月 – 2007 年 5 月 (3 年 1 个月) Research Assistant in computer science. Primary projects focused on static source code quality measures.