Professor Suh has been involved in a number of Korea National Projects such as Intelligent Robotics Frontier Research Program for 21st Century under support of Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, and Development of a biology-inspired learning architecture and task skill learning technology under the support of CHIC (Center of Human centered interaction for coexistence) by Korea ministry of Education, Science and Technology. His research interests lie in the area of intelligence and control for robots including semantic robot intelligence, action-coupled perception and learning, skill acquisition, and software platform for cognition and control. He has published more than 170 contributions in robotics, intelligence and control. He was awarded Korea Prime Minister medal for contributions and leadership in fostering Robotics R/D personnel for Korea Robotics Industries, and for contributions to developing Robotics fundamental technologies in 2011. And, he was awarded as one of main contributors for development of Industrial robot controller (NOVA 10) which was selected by MKE(Ministry of Knowledge Economy) and NAEK(National Academy of Engineers, Korea) as one of 1980’s key industrial electronics technologies among Top 100 the most influential Korean Industrial Technologies from 1950 to 2010. He was President of Korea Robotics Society for 2008. And, he has served as Editor-in–chief for Journal of Intelligent Service Robotics, Springer since 2010, and has served as an associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Robotics since 2010. He has been appointed as a General Chair for 2016 IEEE/RSJ IROS which is one of annual big prestigious robotics conference together with IEEE ICRA.