I'm a Principal Research Scientist & Team Leader in computing with ten years of experience. I focus on solving applied research problems by making excellent scientific contributions, and manage a team working in fields like Blockchain, Cloud computing, DevOps, Business Process Management, and AI planning. I'm the author of two books and over 70 refereed publications, and inventor on 9 granted patents. I lived on four continents and am an avid traveler. Current work: One of my main work directions is on reliability / dependability of computing systems. My recent research results improve log analysis by adding the perspective of behavioral patterns, in combination with precise timing profiles and an understanding of the effects of events recorded in the systems. This can be of high value for early detection of where the behavior of a system deviates from its usual path - like catching errors or intruders before much harm is done. We've successfully applied these techniques to Cloud computing and DevOps processes, and are working on other applications with industry. I am always happy to discuss collaboration opportunities.