I want to understand the world, to distinguish real connections from mere apophenia, to map the questions to the answers. My works lives at the intersection of Information Sciences, Communication Studies and Human Computer Interaction, as I examine how people adapt and integrate an increasingly broad array of information and communication technologies into their daily lives, with a special focus on technology adoption and use under conditions of strain. My studies of how people use technologies to maintain relationships and to cope with adverse circumstances expose how technology use is deeply shaped by local social and political contexts. In short, I study networks - from a structural and a substantive points of view. I focus on disruptions as a methodological approach to understanding how the human practice of relating and social structures more broadly function and change over time. I believe that we have focused too much on "connection" and "interaction" and that it is time to turn to relational thinking as a productively different point of view. 擅长领域:I do large scale studies - social network analysis, surveys and interviews, quantitative and qualitative analyses, ethnographic work, etc. I look for trends and try to put together the big picture out of puzzle pieces. It's fun. My main areas of expertise are interpersonal relationships, social networks, issues of trust & privacy, interaction design, transnational relational practice, mediated communication, crisis informatics and disaster research