在职时间13 年 1 个月
职业头衔Data Scientist, Core Data Science Team
入职日期2018 年 11 月 - 至今
任职时长1 年 3 个月
Applied Research on the Computational Social Science team.
职业头衔Engineering Manager: Core Metrics and Survey Platform
入职日期2012 年 4 月 - 2018 年 11 月
任职时长6 年 8 个月
We provide reliable behavioral and user feedback metrics across Facebook's apps and products, to enable holistic user understanding and better products.
职业头衔Manager, Data Science
入职日期2011 年 4 月 - 2012 年 4 月
任职时长1 年 1 个月
所在地区Menlo Park, CA
The Data Science team is an applied research group that works with product teams to understand and model user behavior. In addition to analysis, we develop research methodologies, tools, and best practices for doing science across the company.
职业头衔Data Scientist
入职日期2007 年 1 月 - 2011 年 3 月
任职时长4 年 3 个月
所在地区Menlo Park, CA
Smiled, listened to reggae music, drank Philz, consolidated and perpetuated memes, analyzed lots and lots of data.