Dr Qin received the Champion in The 3rd Hong Kong Innovation Day and Innovation Awards Competition, Medical Image Analysis-MICCAI'17 Best Paper Award, the Best Paper Award in Medical Image Computing in International Conference on Medical Imaging and Augmented Reality 2016, the Hong Kong Medical and Health Device Industries Association Student Research Award in 2009 and Global Scholarship Program for Research Excellence (CNOOC Grants) from CUHK in 2008. He and his collaborators were nominated for outstanding paper award in International Simulation and Gaming Association 40th Annual Conference in 2009.

Dr Qin's research interests include medical image processing, virtual/augmented reality for healthcare and medicine training, deep learning, visualization and human-computer interaction and health informatics. He has participated in more than 10 research projects and published more than 150 papers in major journals and conferences in these areas, including MedIA, TMI, TVCG, ToH, IEEE/ASME Trans on Mechatronics, JBHI (TITB), IEEE CG&A, MICCAI, AAAI, PG, etc. Dr. Qin has served as TCP members for several international conferences and reviewers for many major journals and conferences.