I am an Assistant Professor and Docent at the Centre for Autonomous Systems at the Royal Institute of Technology, and the Department of Computer Science and Numerical Analysis. I was formerly a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My research is concentrated on data fusion and world modeling for mobile robotics, particularly for navigation. The idea is to make machines that can learn how to find their way around without the need for guidance. To do this the robot needs to form models of the environment suitable to the task. That might be simply avoiding obstacles or, more complicated tasks like finding its way back to a location previously visited. These models need to be learned and refined based on the observations made by the robot. It is this learning that I am focused on Current Projects: EU Integrated Project STRANDS: I am one of the participants of the consortium of 6 universities and two industrial partners. We are looking at the problem of long term learning by robots in real world settings. VINNOVA Project IQMatic: I am a participant along with Linköping University, Scania, SAAB, and Autoliv. The goal is autonomous driving of tracktor trailer trucks.