I teach and do research on all things security, especially applied cryptography, security economics and human factors. I'm interested in making systems more trustworthy and transparent, particularly encrypted communication tools, cryptocurrencies, and HTTPS and PKI on the web. My past research has spanned passwords and authentication, side-channel cryptanalysis, protocol verification, software obfuscation, and privacy in social networks. I'm co-author of a textbook on cryptocurrencies which you can read for free online.

I'm always looking for great students to work with. If you're a prospective PhD student or post-doc, or a current NYU undergrad or master's student, please get in touch to see if we can find a project to work together on. Do include something you learned from my "about" page so I know haven't spammed every faculty web page you can find.

擅长领域:Cryptography, computer security, protocol design