I work as a professor of computer science at the university of Liverpool, School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, UK since September 30th 2013. I am leading the 'Artificial Intelligence' research section of the computer science department that consists of five research groups. I am also a member of both the 'Robotics and Autonomous Systems' and the 'Data Mining and Machine Learning' research groups within this section. Before this I was a member and head of the Agent ART group. Additionally, I founded and lead the smARTLab robotics laboratory, part of the department of computer science. My research interests span the areas of multi-agent systems, robotics, swarm intelligence, reinforcement learning, and evolutionary game theory. Next to this I am also a part-time professor of Bio-Inspired Robotics and Autonomous Systems at the Delft Center for Systems and Control, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Systems, Delft University of Technology. Previously I held positions at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (phd student, postdoc), Hasselt University (postdoc), Eindhoven University of Technology (assistant professor) and Maastricht University (associate and full professor).