M.S. Biopsychology 1986 University of Maryland, USA。 Ph.D. Biopsychology 1989 University of Maryland, USA。 2008-2010 Visiting Professor: Chiba University, Tokyo University, Keio University。 2008-present Research Director: OKANOYA Emotional Information Project, JST ERATO, JAPAN。 2010-present Visiting Laboratory Head: Emotional Information joint research。 laboratory, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, JAPAN. 2010-present Professor: Graduate School of Arts and Science, The University of Tokyo, JAPAN。 Honors: 2001 Best paper in comparative psychology (year 2000), American Psychological Association。 2009 The JASTJ Prize 2009, Japanese Association of Science & Technology Journalists。 2009 Nakayama Grand Prix Award 2009, Nakayama Foundation for Human Science。 2009 JNNS2009 Distinguished Research Award, Japanese Neural Network Society (JNNS)。 2011 The first Hidaka Toshitaka Award, Japan Ethological Society。 2012 Brain science Award on Creativity, NPO Neurocreative Laboratory。 publication: Fujimura, T., Matsuda, Y., Katahira, K., Okada, M., & Okanoya, K. (2012). Categorical and dimensional perceptions in decoding emotional facial expressions. Cognition & Emotion,26(4), 587-601. Fujimura, T., & Okanoya, K. (2012). Heart rate variability predicts emotional flexibility in response to positive stimuli. Psychology, 3(8), 578-582. Fujimura, T., Sato, W., & Okanoya, K. (2012). Subcategories of positive emotion. Psychologia, 55, 1-8. Hara, E., Rivas, M. V., Ward, J. M., Okanoya, K., & Jarvis, E. D. (2012). Convergent differential regulation of parvalbumin in the brains of vocal learners. PLoS One, 7(1), e29457-1-e29457-13. Ikebuchi, M., Nanbu, S., Okanoya, K., Suzuki, R., & Bischof, H.J. (2012). Very early development of Nucleus Taeniae of the amygdala. Brain, Behavior and Evolution, 55, 1-15. Kagawa, H., Takahashi, R., Ikebuchi, M., & Okanoya, K. (2012). Song complexity and auditory feedback in birds: a comparison between two strains of bengalese finches with different degrees of song complexity. Zoological science, 29(10), 645-651 Kagawa, H., Yamada, H., Lin, R.S., Mizuta, T., Hasegawa, T., & Okanoya, K. (2012). Ecological correlates of song complexity: a case study in white-rumped munias - the implication of relaxation of selection as a cause for signal variation in birdsong. Interaction Studies, 13(2), 263-284. Katahira, K., Okanoya, K., & Okada, M. (2012). Statistical mechanics of reward-modulated learning in decision-making networks. Neural Computation, 24, 1230-1270. Kubo, K., Okanoya, K., & Kawai, N. (2012). Apology isn't good enough: an apology suppresses an approach motivation but not the physiological and psychological anger. PLoS One, 7(3), e33006-1-e33006-5.