Kenton works in the Healthcare ML Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. His research is focused on developing Human-Centred Machine Learning perspectives and more specifically how these can be used to develop transformative solutions in Healthcare contexts. Such Human-Centred perspectives are not simply concerned with rendering the outputs of machine learning algorithms more intelligible, transparent and interpretable to human stakeholders. Rather, these perspectives acknowledge the ways that clinical knowledge work and decision making take place within a larger system of collaborative work practices. Understanding these work practices and the factors that configure them are fundamental to the ways that we develop ML infused experiences. By forming a dialogue between machine learning and insights from social studies of healthcare his research aims to develop machine learning outcomes that are actionable and meaningful in the context of real world clinical practices. The research is using these perspectives in a diverse range of clinical scenarios including radiology workflows, critical care admission and discharge, bed management, prediction and management of adverse clinical events in peri-operative care, and remote monitoring in cystic fibrosis care pathways.