• USA-1999

    Development of Interlisp programming environment; leader in creation of standards for the Internet and World Wide Web.

  • USA-1992

    Daniel G. Bobrow, Richard R. Burton, L. Peter Deutsch, Ronald M. Kaplan, Larry Masinter, Warren Teitelman For their pioneering work in programming environments that integrated source-language debuggers, fully compatible integrated interpreter/compiler, automatic change management, structure-based editing, logging facilities, interactive graphics, and analysis/profiling tools in the Interlisp system.

I'm a Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems. Currently I work on Internet and Web standards, through W3C and IETF. I think some of the more important architectural principles have gotten lost in the move from the "document" web to the "application" web. I'm interested in the general area of improving network-mediated human communication, but also in interoperability, reliability, as well as increasing function. I'm also interested in social networking, virtual worlds, and the underlying architecture that would allow these diverse applications to interoperate securely. I've worked on several projects at Adobe, where I've been for over 10 years. Recently I've been focusing on organizing Adobe's engagement in standards. In the past, work on the designer/developer workflow led to a library for managing workflow metadata for compound objects and multimedia, including temporal metadata (describing video, audio), and the management of metadata through the creative process into production and distribution. The metadata software was part of eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP) support within Adobe Creative Suite. Work on long-term document archiving (see paper) developed a novel prototype for spreading content among multiple service providers. Other work ranged from designer interactions with programming and software development tools, enterprise applications, forms processing. At Xerox PARC, in the '90s I worked mainly on Web and Internet standards, document management systems, digital libraries, as well as an experimental project ("") for Internet hosted services. In the '70s and '80s, I worked on the Interlisp system (from microcode to programmer tools to the graphics environment) and the Common Lisp standard. My background includes early work on Artificial Intelligence and software systems for it. I was Chief Scientist of Xerox Artificial Intelligence Systems. In the early 70's, I worked on the DENDRAL project at Stanford.