I am advised by Prof. Tsuhan Chen and I am a member of the Advanced Multimedia Processing Lab. I also work closely with Prof. Ashutosh Saxena. In summer 2009, I worked as an intern in Eastman Kodak Company, with Prof. Alexander C. Loui. In summer 2010, I worked as an intern in Gracenote Corp., with Dr. Trista Chen.

During the two years in Carnegie Mellon, I finished the course requirements and passed the qualify exam. There I also worked with Prof. Tsuhan Chen at the Advanced Multimedia Processing Lab. I appreciate everything I gained from CMU and every moment I was learning, working and playing there. I feel lucky to have this opportunity of experiencing two great campuses when doing my PhD. Now I have settled down in Ithaca and I really enjoy my new life here.

Before coming to the US, I completed my undergraduate and master studies at Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. I then worked with Prof. Guangda Su.

In my spare time, I love painting and travelling. I alsways have a dream of combining my research in computer vision with my painting experience. Hope this will come true sometime.