My research aimed at automatic analysis of human facial expressions, called Facial Information For Advanced Interaction (FIFAI), has been funded by the Dutch Research Council Junior Fellowship (NWO-VENI EW-639.021.202) for a period of three years (02-01-2003 to 02-01-2006). This grant is awarded annually to 7 best young researchers of exact sciences in The Netherlands. My research aimed at multimodal analysis of human naturalistic non-verbal behaviour, titled MAHNOB, has been funded by the European Research Council within the Starting Grant Programme for a period of five years (01-09-2008 to 01-09-2013). This grant has been awarded to 2% best junior scientists in any research field in Europe in 2007 (ERC-StG-2007-awards). In 2011, I was awarded BCS Roger Needham Award, made annually to an UK based researcher for a distinguished research contribution in computer science within ten years of their PhD. I am a Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering 2019), IEEE Fellow (2012) and an IAPR Fellow (2016).