D.Sc., The George Washington University, Washington, DC. May 1996: Major: Computer Science, Software and systems; Minor: Artificial Intelligence, Pyschology; Doctoral Dissertation: Conversational Collaboration in User-Initiated Interruption and Cancellation Requests Advisor: Dr. John Lee Sibert。 Committee: Dr. Michael B. Feldman, Dr. Rachelle S. Heller, Dr. Deborah Hix, Dr. Robert J. K. Jacob, M.S., Computer Science, Ball State University, Muncie IN. May 1987。 Major: Computer Science, Master Thesis: A Language for Interactive Computer Graphics Programming Advisor: Dr. Michael McGrew。 Committee: Dr. Clinton Fuelling, Dr. William F. Brown B.A., Computer Science, Ball State University, Muncie IN. May 1983, Major: Computer Science, Minor: Foundations of Business。 Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech (Associate Professor, August 2006-June 2015)。 Member of the Diversity Committee。 Member of the Publicity Committee。 Member of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction。 Responsibilities include teaching courses in Computer 。Science at the undergraduate and graduate level. Created several undergraduate and graduate courses. I usually teach HCI graduate courses and some intro courses in our undergraduate program. I also keep most of the content for my courses available on the web. I do a lot of service in the department and professionally. I am Vice-President of the board for the non-profit Virginia Network for Latinos in Higher Education (VALHEN), and co-chair of the Coalition to Diversify Computing (CDC). Journals Carlos Evia, Matt Sharp, Manuel A. Pérez-Quiñones, (in press). 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