I work at NICTA, Australia’s Research ICT Centre of Excellence. I am the Leader of the Fraunhofer Project Group in Transport and Logistics at NICTA, and the Research Group Manager for the Managing Complexity theme at NICTA’s ATP lab. I’m also working in NICTA’s Business Adaptation and Interoperation project. I hold a Conjoint Senior Lecturer position at UNSW with the School of Computer Science and Engineering. Before moving to Sydney (in January 2004), I worked at a couple of software development companies. I was the Process and Tools Manager at Dialect Solutions (earlier known as QSI Payments, now part of TNS), where I led the introduction of a new configuration management system and helped the company transition to a product line development approach for its electronic payments infrastructure products. Before that I was a Configuration Manager and Test Engineer at Foxboro Australia (later known as Invensys, now Westinghouse Rail Systems), where I worked on the quality and assurance of the safety-critical environmental control system of a mass transit system, and wrote a logic testing specification language that let electrical engineers write and maintain test cases for the system. In 1999 I returned to Australia from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, where I had completed a PhD and worked as a Research Associate in the Automated Reasoning Group.