In am an applied scientist in Microsoft working for Bing.
I have spent five years working as a researcher at the University Of Southampton.
I was part of the ORCHID project, a multi-milion pound research endeavour mainly funded by EPSRC, whose main focus is to deliver the science of human-agent collectives.

Prior to this, I completed my PhD in Computer Science in Southampton investigating and developing new trust-based data fusion algorithms for aggregating crowdsourced data. My first and second supervisors were Prof. Nick Jennings and
Prof. Alex Rogers respectively.

I have also been a two-times intern at Microsoft Research and Bing working on data quality and crowdsourcing. I have also worked as data scientist on crowd-curated recommender systems at Lumi. Research Interests I am interested in problems concerning crowdsourcing, human computation, autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. I am currently investigating data fusion models and intelligent task allocation for reliable crowdsourcing. Related interests also include cognitive trust, reputation and rescue robotics